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The purpose of io media studio and channel is to create audio visual videos, which will be online assets for businesses, non-profit organizations, and professionals. These will serve a dual function of ongoing promotion developing the presence online increasing viewers and members, getting Government grants and business sponsors for events, as well as business advertisers,  to earn residual intellectual creative property royalties in the split sharing of advertising commercials, subscriptions and pay per view transactions. It will strive for quality, innovation and authenticity of our ordinary daily reality. This will give the channel its human connection and value in society — a reflection of life and vice versa.


Using both mass media style with interviews, reviews and event sampler videos, plus collaborative and co-produced videos, io media will accomplish its vision with the combined efforts of businesses, non-profit organizations and charities, and professionals for the audio visual content and asset — the VOD video on demand and the AD advertisement commercial.  Non-profit organizations have cultural and educational value in society and charities have causes to help disadvantaged groups: disabled, poor, homeless, abused, sick, etcetera. Businesses offer employment and opportunity to people and will be the main funding source for io media channel. This video television channel will also commit to representation, training and employment of the underprivileged:  disabled, poor, homeless, victims, ex-convicts, minorities, immigrants, etcetera to give a view and a voice of our human stories; it will also allot 5% of total revenue towards charities. With the help of TVStartup the host portal, and Roku the distribution platform, io media the producer will showcase these videos for free viewing to the public, the members, the consumers.


This is a woman led brand channel featuring a collection of independent artist and community videos recorded from the female point of view:  it includes people and places in America, Canada and Philippines and online global contributions; the categories are the main subjects of interest: family and home, creative influences, occult and spirituality, and reality outside in a community network surrounded by government, public services, non-profit organizations and businesses. This is a female view point of videos, independent and alternative, in contrast with the male dominated corporate view point of most societies. 

io media brand started in 2007 in Toronto Ontario Canada and in 2023 is in San Francisco east bay area California America.  The private and public event videos collection was hosted in YouTube, Vimeo and Veoh and is now on television via TV Startup on Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Android, Apple plus mobile phones and viewable for FREE! It will soon be monetized as AVOD (Ads Video On Demand) with business advertisers commercials linked to the videos, to be split shared with the organizations and businesses, which host FREE public events and io media the video channel  producer, TVStartup the host portal, and the internet television distribution platforms. To view on internet television, get an HDMI device of Roku, Android, Apple or Fire and attached to a smart television, do a search for io media studio, add this independent channel, then view VODs FREE. Also viewable on computers and smart phones on the website iomedia.tv and its app.