Conflict of Interest or Mutually Beneficial?

io media is a video producer of public events, often hosted by non-profit organizations and their business sponsors. Video is often used in social media as a promotional tool, asset and resource of information about the organization. Sometimes Government grants are approved for video production because non-profit organizations often do not have funding for such purpose.

Since io media is now about to launch its advertising monetization of videos, some profit sharing of business advertisers will be distributed to organizations, when videos are chosen for business advertising commercials. Organizations with existing business sponsors of their events can also earn a referral commission if their existing business sponsor becomes a business advertiser on io media channel. io media with the agreeable organizations will pitch to the same businesses — io media for promotional, advertisement commercials and video production to businesses, and organizations for business sponsorship at their events and mutual promotion to their members and network. Both io media and organizations and businesses might grow and benefit together or might argue over future financial streams.

There are 3 ways to pitch this to businesses: 1. prioritize io media channel first and pitch to businesses to become advertisers on the channel, then after pitch the organizations that also need business sponsorship at their events; 2. pitch simultaneously to the same businesses that the opportunity to promote their business can be done via video television commercials and videos on demand in io media channel, as well as to organizations public in person events including selling and being on the organizations website and social media platforms; 3. pitch the organizations events to businesses for sponsorship renting tents and tables, or participating in the event parade, then pitch io media channel for video tv commercials and business VODs through the year.

In general, io media is a business and will earn from business video and ad production and advertising commercials, whereas non-profit organizations earn at their public events by charging tent and table fees to businesses, to sell and promote their products and services, as well as from membership fees, and sometimes Government grants. io media will also share with organizations with chosen videos, the business advertising commercials fees, as well as referral commission to organizations existing business sponsors that become business advertisers. Thus with a B2O Business to Organization relationship — is this a conflict of interest or mutually beneficial arrangement? Weighing the pros and cons — a win or lose deal or win and win deal?