Internet vs Tower Television Channels

Transitioning from video social media on mobile phone and computer to television viewing will possibly level down the reputation of tower television channels. In comparison:

  1. internet based is global viewing and market open to any country with internet services, whereas tower based is probably limited to local geography range with cable and antenna;
  2. internet based especially video production is cheaper equipment because the camcorder is cheaper and lighter than a television and movie camera, plus easier to carry for remote events;
  3. internet based can do global live events cheaper as long as the location has wireless internet on site for the event and can be viewed via: website and app on computer and smart mobile phone and smart television;
  4. internet based can link to social media free resources like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook which already have billions of viewers and potential customers;
  5. internet based can link to online shopping with subscribers who have credit cards in their smart televisions, as well as to website shopping platforms;
  6. internet based is more affordable, easier to upload video from a camcorder to laptop onto a host portal and distribution platform than tower based channels.

Weighing all this, tower based channels should definitely jump into the smart television app versions of themselves to continue successfully for global viewing. Considering all of the above reasons, internet based channels are definitely the future for all audio visual viewing including movies, television and video games because of the ease, affordability and range.