Content Sources and Mass Media

Television has become the mass media wherein multiple sources of content and information are broadcasted via internet globally. There are at least four mass media recordings which are now on television: linear scheduled traditional television shows, film and movies in cinemas, social media videos on video sharing hosts and websites, and recorded stage shows on theater stages. These recordings are either scripted and acted, or reality based, as the stories and subjects of content that viewers know, regardless of which of the four sources of recordings above. Mainstream television media often used reality as its subject matter for content, instead of the scripted and acted shows. For home viewers, the ease of staying home instead of dressing up to go watch a movie, a stage show, or live event are now available online. Both reality non-fiction news and current events, and fiction scripted and acted shows, can inform and entertain home viewers globally wherever internet is available.

io media focuses on current events often hosted by organizations on public tax grants and corporate sponsors. It combines social media style of videos with interviews and reviews, with samples of the live events on stage or on the street. There are also home private videos viewable online publicly. Somehow it will continue on as a video based media viewed on computers, transitioning to the larger television screens. It will continue to be an eclectic mix of live events combined with interviews and reviews of these events.