DEIA Commitment

Good government acknowledges that humanity’s full spectrum in race, color, class, physique, ability, background requires that ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) throughout its workforce’ is a necessity for equal opportunity and individual rights to be integrated into a diverse society. We are all born different in many ways, some with more and others less, resulting in an inequality, which means that some people will need more support to achieve the average norm.

Following American Government DEIA law, io media channel will also commit to representation of diversity of individuals in its videos — both front and back end. This means that those in front of the camera and those handling the camera will be from various groups that might encounter bias and exclusion: LGBTQ, ex-convicts, victims,  disabled, low income, and low education. Training and employment will help those facing such barriers to internet video television, when business advertisers join to fund the channel.

Refer to The White House DEIA